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Our Bar

The Bar is located on the first floor adjacent to the conference and the solarium lounge and is stocked with Premium alcohol.  

On this most special of all days, may you be blessed in countless ways – our wedding organization will help you to make your wedding being beautiful and stress free.

Our bar offers an extensive selection of premium wines, beers, and spirits, as well as delicious cocktails crafted by our talented mixologists. The ambiance is cozy and intimate, with comfortable seating and soft lighting that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Our bar also offers a range of light bites and snacks for you to enjoy with your drinks. With live music and events throughout the week, our bar is the perfect place to socialize and have a good time. Come and experience our exceptional bar service and enjoy an unforgettable evening.


the Gallery

Browse through our beautiful  showcase of sights around town.

Cheers to good times and great drinks

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